There are a myriad of WordPress plugins that bring Instagram functionality to your WordPress site and some are definitely better than others.

Finding the right plugin to display a widget of your latest Instagram photos in your sidebar, a full-blown Instagram-powered gallery in a post or page, provide Instagram badges or counters, or even import your Instagram photos as WordPress posts can be a long and onerous task.

I’ve sorted the good from the not-so-good: here are 12 Instagram plugins for WordPress that are worth installing.

There are a myriad of Instagram plugins for WordPress, so choose carefully!

To put this list together, I installed and tested over 25 different Instagram plugins. Here’s my top picks:

All the plugins came out of the WordPress plugin repository and so are free but even so, I still discarded more than half of them. Sometimes even free plugins cost too much to be worth installing.

I think that any plugin should be designed to be simple and intuitive to use and where a user might need extra help it should be provided in the settings screens.

With so much choice, there’s simply no need to struggle with a plugin’s bad or non-existent documentation – having to go back to the plugin repository to find out how a plugin works is as annoying as it is unacceptable – and certainly no need to provide your Instagram username and password, which one plugin required.

The Alpine PhotoTile plugin and particularly the DsnWrks Instagram Importer both excelled in making their highly configurable functionality easy to understand and set up and of all the plugins DsnWrks’ was by far the easiest to connect with Instagram itself.

Choose A Plugin That Is Fit For Purpose

Whilst you should always choose a plugin that does just want you want, with Instagram it is especially important. For example, if you just want to show your latest photos in a sidebar widget, then get a plugin that does just that, otherwise you might find that you need start setting up clients in Instagram and it all starts to get complicated.

If you do go with a plugin that uses the Instagram API (and outside of the widget plugins, most do), keep in mind Instagram’s API Terms of Use, particularly the limit on the number of photos that can be displayed on a page and even more importantly respecting the rights on photos that you might pull from accounts other than your own.

Okay, to the plugins.


Plugins For Displaying Instagram Photos In Widgets

These plugins all provide widgets that will show your latest Instagram photos in a sidebar widget.

  • Instagram Slider Widget


    A slider widget that does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Responsive widget that will display the latest instagram posts (up to 20) in either a slider or grid layout. There is no need to set up API access, the widget simply requires an Instagram user name.

    Widget also allows you to set the interval (in hours) for checking for new posts.

    Thumbnails are stored locally, so after initial load display is instant.

    Very simple to install and configure.

  • WP Instagram Widget


    A widget that displays a barebones listing of the latest photos for an Instagram user.

    No API configuration is necessary, just specify the Instagram username and the number of posts to display.

    A good choice if you just want a plugin to handle the mechanics of displaying the photos and you are happy to style the output (which does lend itself to both grids and sliders).

  • WP Instagram Images Widget


    Very similar in both name and functionality to WP Instagram Widget, this plugin provides both a widget and a shortcode.

    The configuration options are fairly light: thumbnail size, number of images (max of 5), open the image in a new tab and show the image description.

    You only need specify an Instagram Username, no API configuration required.

    Like it’s virtual namesake, a good choice if you are happy to style.


Plugins That Display Instagram Photos In Galleries

These plugins are for displaying photos in posts and pages. Virtually all come with sidebar widgets as well.

  • Yakandanda Instagram


    This plugin provides a widget and a shortcode for displaying your photos and videos from Instagram.

    The shortcode provides a scrolling gallery of images (recent, feed, liked or tag) for either your own account or another username.

    As it uses the API you can include up to 380 images in the gallery.

    Relatively straight-forward to set up, which is handy as it’s light-on with documentation, this plugin is one to check out if you want a scrolling gallery.

    ** Requires Instagram client set-up

  • Enjoy Instagram


    This plugin provides both a widget and shortcode that both allow Instagram photos to be displayed in either a carousel or a grid.

    Each can be figured for the number of images (the free version of the plugin is limited to 20 images), the account and, for the grid, the rows and columns.

    There is no local storing / caching of the images, so page displayed can be delayed for quite some time as the images are fetched.

    Plugin does add a button to the WP Visual Editor for the easy adding of the shortcodes.

    ** Requires client application set-up.

  • Simple Instagram


    Another plugin that provides both widgets and a shortcode.

    Both provide the same style of output – basically a grid – for the latest posts (any user) or popular posts from across the whole of Instagram.

    There is also a profile widget and shortcode that provides basic information about an account.

    Initial set-up more convoluted than the other plugins tested.

    ** Requires client application to be set-up.

  • Alpine PhotoTile For Instagram


    This is the most comprehensive plugin of those tested, offering highly configurable widgets and shortcodes.

    Both widgets and shortcodes provide 5 different layouts along with settings to control the look and feel of the galleries, from borders to drop shadows.

    Where this plugin shines is in its usability, providing a shortcode builder with preview. It also comes with full instructions on how to set up the Instagram API.

    A full-featured plugin with a considerable and welcome focus on making setting-up as painless as possible.

    ** Requires client application to be set-up.


Other Useful Plugins For Integrating Instagram With WordPress

These plugins are useful for displaying badges, follower counts and for importing Instagram photos into your WordPress blog as their own post.

  • Instagram Followers Shortcode


    Produces output that is very similar in look and feel to the traditional Facebook fans widget.

    Specify the instagram id and the number of followers to showcase.

  • Instagram Badges


    Tagline possibly overdoes it as this simple plugin that provides a widget for adding an instagram follow badge.

    Specify a title, the username and the badge size and you’re done.

  • Social Count Plus


    This plugin allows you to output a list of icons and followers for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Steam and SoundCloud.

    Just enter your account details for the social media accounts you want to list.

    Also provides a shortcode to allow the output of the number of followers for a specific social media account.

  • DsgnWrks Instagram Importer


    This plugin allows you to import your Instagram photos as posts (or an existing custom post type) into your WordPress blog.

    Set-up is extremely user-friendly and allows considerable control over how the photos are imported.

    Definitely one to look at if you want to share your Instragram photos through a blog.

  • Simple Instagram Embedd


    This is a simple but highly effective plugin.

    Paste the Instagram URL for a photo or a video and this plugin replaces the URL with an embedded view of the object.

    Possibly the easiest way to get an Instagram photo or video into a WordPress post.

A Photo Finish

There are some great plugins in the above lists that cover just about every scenario for integrating WordPress and Instagram that prove that even free plugins can have excellent interfaces and help that can make implementing complex functionality very simple.

Do you have a favorite Instagram plugin?