Take a quick look at your computer’s desktop. Do you feel inspired yet?

If you’re still rocking the pre-installed desktop wallpaper, probably not. Inspiration’s a tricky thing. Some people find inspiration in pithy quotations; others see it in landscapes, abstract art or a pile of cute kittens. Here are 30 desktop inspirations every Lifehacker will treasure:

1. Stop Asking for Permission

If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission

This Banksy-style wallpaper is perfect for artists and other creative types.

Source: Wallbase

2. Simplify (Just Enough)

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler

Einstein is single-handedly responsible for a huge number of inspiring and insightful quotes. This is one of his best.

Source: Wallbase

3. Work Outside the Box

Think outside the cubicleAn inspirational desktop wallpaper to live by, for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Source: Freelance Switch

4. Shine

Inspirational wallpaper: Shine

Look at the bokeh on that! Keep the sparkle in your life with this warm, happy image on your screen.

Source: Inkdryer Creations

5. Design Your Life

Design your life

Use this one to remind yourself just how much fun creativity is.

Source: MyGFX

6. Be Original

Be original

As if you needed telling.

Source: Wallpapers Room

7. Don’t Give Up

Don't give up

If you like to keep your desktop clean and simple, how about this nifty Edison quote?

Source: Wallbase

8. Make Time Your Own

June 2013 Calendar

A wallpaper with a built-in calendar lets you stay in touch with time, but prevents you tweaking your schedule to put off getting things done. Here’s one for June 2013.

Source: The Tasselflower Blog

9. Never Stop Learning

Inspirational wallpaper: Learn

If you’ve ever needed a reminder to learn from every moment of your life, grab this school-style inspirational wallpaper to nudge you back on track.

Source: Inkdryer Creative

10. Stand Up for Your Values

No, YOU moveMore wordy than most of these examples, this inspirational wallpaper’s ideal for activists.

Source: Wallbase

11. Abstract Your Mind

Inspirational Wallpapers: FlowSometimes, you just want to stare at something beautifully abstract and let it clear your mind.

Source: Bartelme Design

12. Challenge Your Limits

Challenge your limitsIt’s the cheerful font as well as the inspiring message that make this one a winner.

Source: DeviantART

13. Keep on Truckin’

Every exit is an entry somewhere

Change is unstoppable, and so are you.

Source: KnightsTavern

14. Have Fun With Fonts

Periodic Table of Fonts

Choose the perfect font for your next inspirational quote.

Source: Squidspot

15. Stand for Something

Stand for something

In the Inspirational Quotes Hall of Fame, MLK hangs out with Einstein and Gandhi. For sure.

Source: Desktop Nexus

16. Live Your Message

Live your message

Take inspiration from Gandhi’s life and stay true to your message in everything you do.

Source: World HD Wallpaper

17. Stay Healthy

Healthy Living InspirationInspiration doesn’t have to be purely cerebral. Use inspirational wallpaper to remind you of your health goals.

Source: Smashing Magazine

18. Resist Illusions

There's No WallpaperThere is only your perception of wallpaper—and your perception of inspiration.

Source: DeviantART

19. Go All the Way

Go all the way

Use this to keep you moving until you get where you’re going. Apparently this isn’t a real Buddha quote, but it’s still a good one!

Source: Wallbase

20. Find the Right Words

Love life

Life is a big adventure with a wide vocabulary. Know how to name your experience.

Source: Desktop Nexus

21. Follow Your Own Path

Follow your own path

This desert landscape is beautiful, but it’s the tiny footprints that make it an inspiration to blaze your own trail in life.

Source: FreeHDWallpapers

22. Add a Touch of Zen

Add a touch of zen to your desktop

This composition of interesting textures is calm and contemplative—exactly how you want to feel when you’re at your computer.

Source: Wallpapers Wide

23. Turn Pirate

Inspiring wallpaper for desktop pirates

You don’t have to own a boat or steal anything. Borrow the cut-throat pirate mindset to pinpoint your priorities and find hidden opportunities.

Source: Desktop Nexus

24. Change the World

Change the world

This one doesn’t really need an explanation.

Source: Inkdryer Creative

25. Change Your Thinking

Change your thinking

Yes, it’s Einstein again with more epic wisdom to help you solve problems.

Source: Desktop Nexus

26. Explore Everything

Inspirational wallpaper for desktop

Whether you’re a backpacker travelling the world or an entrepreneur designing your own business, exploration is a Lifehacker’s driving force.

Source: Inkdryer Creative

27. Live in Permanent Beta

Live in permanent beta

This dark, minimalist desktop wallpaper reminds you that life is an unfinished project.

Source: Inkdryer Creative

28. Look Everywhere

Inspiration hides in the strangest places

I made this one myself. Feel free to download it.

Source: Be a Freelance Blogger

29. Know Yourself

Huge inspirational quote

If you don’t think you’re the “inspirational wallpapers” type, try this instead for a dose of sarcastic humor.