This post will explain a technique that I always use on Facebook to build up my network fast… like handing out business cards on Facebook. You need to be consistent here! Make it a habit of commenting on other network marketers’ wall posts – You can go on your news feed, and look at bunch of posts that other network marketers are posting. You can like AND comment their posts. This will help build rapport with your friends in your list as well as leaving your name on their posts. There’s always someone out there who will be curious to see what you are doing, and some will add you as a friend. This tip is so simple to do but most people are not consistent enough to make it effective. Being consistent on commenting – This builds rapport without the necessity to private message the person and ask boring questions like “Hello, how’s business going for you?” or “how’s the weather?” because you don’t have anything else to say. To break the ice and build rapport, become a regular of interactions back and forth commenting on each other’s wall. While building up your network fast is great, you need to solidify the relationships. Rapport = trust = people will like to work with you Get noticed by their friends – When people keep seeing your name pop up in comments, they too will begin to feel like they know you. So when those people add you, they already feel like you are a friend. Repeat the commenting on your NEW FRIENDS’ wall posts as well – Now you are really building a network FAST. Remember, just quickly browse through your news feed to find some things interesting to like and comment. Comment is more important than Likes because your name really shows up obviously under the post. When you LIKE a post, you are just a number. Usually, you will see something like “Rick Tyler and 61 people liked this post”. Stand out by commenting! Are you in a group for your current business? – Usually, there is a Facebook group for a business opportunity that you are involved with. Ask your upline or someone else that is in the same business if there is one. Once you are in the group, you want to interact there by commenting and posting. You want to congratulate people and welcome new comers to the group. This will build rapport with people in the same business as you which can solidify the relationship to maybe sometime in the future be in new business venture together. By becoming friends with people in current business, this will also tap into being friends with their friends too on Facebook. When you have more and more mutual friends together with all these other people, this will make it a lot easier to have more people notice you and add you as a friend. ————- Become a social butterfly and you will be likeable fast. When I first started, I didn’t have big earnings to show people, but I was able to build a network. People are more likely to check out what you post on your wall when the rapport is there. People pay more attention to you when they like you. Therefore, when you post something about your business, then some of these people will at least take a look at it by clicking the link. Put in consistent effort on these steps! Get people to know like and trust you! When you get a new friend, remember what you were supposed to do..? 1. Like profile picture / leave a comment 2. Like header / leave a comment 3. Like and comment on a post or 3 on their wall 4. Send them a message This is for those of you who want to make a BIG impact! In number 4 – don’t just send a “hey” unless you’re actually on your computer since this strategy only works from your smartphone or ipod etc. SEND THEM A VOICE MESSAGE! So much can be said in 60 seconds! messenger