When I first started in Network Marketing, I thought that I could just drive traffic to a replicated company website, load a pre-written set of sales messages in my autoresponder ‘set and forget’ and I would get sales and people joining my business….

…And I did get a few, but it was a struggle.

However… I learned that if you take things a step further, you can get much better results… that over time become incredible results.


Understand that in this industry (and others as well) the people in your market and on your list are struggling… They don’t know what to do, how to get results, who to trust, what to buy… and many of them are hungry and looking for that one person that can help them obtain what they are searching for.

You need to SHOW them that you are that ONE!

How do you do that?…

It’s SIMPLE! You take your focus away from making a quick buck, and recenter it on YOUR EDUCATION…

You LEARN…. DO…. then TEACH

It’s a marathon… and you have to TRAIN for a marathon! (only here you can make money while you train)

You see… there are so many people out there struggling online, in businesses, in programs… They are all struggling trying to get sales, but they’re not focusing on IMPROVING THEMSELVES.

Because once you stop focusing on sales or trying get people into your business, and start focusing on your own education (internet marketing, personal development, etc.)… You BECOME the person that others WANT TO JOIN!

Right about now, you may be feeling overwhelmed… I know, because I’ve been there… The good news is this is not difficult at all. In fact, it’s really super simple…

Here’s how you do it:

==>> You find a mentor.
Someone that is already getting the results you want.
You watch what they do and do EXACTLY what they say.

Here’s what my mentors taught me:

  1.  Focus on your training and personal development. Invest in yourself (read books, buy recommended training courses)
  2.  Focus on solving problems that your target market is having (getting traffic, getting leads, recruiting without prospecting, making sales)
  3. Take action every day to further steps 1 & 2 above.
  4. Share your story, your journey and your results (and how you got them) with your subscribers.

That’s it!!! That’s really all there is to it.

Here’s what I see happening all too often…

People will join a business at the minimum basic level. Then they will struggle every day trying to ferret out the SECRET from others getting results… 100% of their focus being on making money fast and easy. Eventually, they jump to another deal where they think making money will be faster and easier and the cycle just continues…

They will spend $500-$1000 on paid traffic instead of investing that money into their training, education and self-development, then be disappointed when they don’t get the results they were hoping for, when they did not stand a chance of obtaining their ‘expected’ results in the first place.

They tell themselves things like “I will be able to upgrade to additional training and eduction products and go to company events once I start making money”, or “I will try this business for 3 months, and if I’m not making money by then, it doesn’t work.”

If that describes your thinking or your behavior… NOW is the time to change!

Instead of struggling in your business, putting all your energy into trying to make money…


Switch your focus to your education right now. If you are telling yourself that you can’t afford the training products you need, recognize that you are defeating yourself.

Listen carefully to this….

It is way easier to get the education you need and improve yourself, than it is to continue struggling trying to make money fast when you have ZERO value to your marketplace! – READ THAT AGAIN

If you just had a little BREAKTHROUGH, be sure to connect with me and let me know because It was the point at which I REALLY got this concept… that everything began to change for me. You simply need to become the leader that you would join. This may take you some time to accomplish, but do you have something better to do?

You see… It’s the way the universe works. You’re going to put in the time no matter what… so it’s up to you whether your entire story is a struggle, or if your story is your progressive transformation into your best self.

This industry can be the most incredible and life-changing experience for you, but you need to embrace what your mentors are telling you. You need to recognize that if you’re not getting the results you want, it’s YOU that needs to change…

Drop your ego, be coachable, find a good mentor and go to work… The rewards are nothing short of incredible!

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To YOUR Online Success!

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