So you have read my Facebook marketing stuff on how to build up friends list and how to build rapport…

Some have asked me, “Ok Carl… I want leads for my business.. what’s the whole point of just getting more friends on Facebook?”

Like Gurus always tell you, “The money is in the list”

Your Facebook friends are a LIST

I’m not talking about bunch of random friends that are not marketers; you are building a list of marketers only

I have built up my presence on Facebook since I was poor. I get people that tell me “Ok, I have nothing to show or any type of success so how to become like you?”

Everyone started from scratch… everyone was a newbie once… I built up my Facebook friends list since I was poor

If you have been following a routine on the stuff mentioned in the previous pages Facebook Marketing 101 and Business Cards On Facebook, then you should be growing a nice list of friends on Facebook

Post positive mindset stuff on your wall. Try not to use boring motivational quotes of celebrities. Write your own so people can feel that you are a real person instead of a robot posting same old quotes that everyone else is doing. You can attract Likes/Comments which will get other people who are not friends with you to notice your post because your friends like/comment on it. This will get you more friend requests

Mix in some posts about your business opportunity as well in between positive mindset posts. As you continue to like/comment and build relationship with other marketers, they too will like/comment your posts about your opportunity to support you. Of course, not everyone will do that, but it’s a numbers game.

Why do I focus my time on Facebook?

It is free
It is worldwide
And lots of marketers are on Facebook, however, not many use it effectively. It is like saying a lot of people go to the gym, but they all get different results from doing different things, how they eat, and how consistent they are in their workouts.

You’ll become great friends with strangers from all over the world, and next thing you know, you’ll become a guru on Facebook generating endless amount of leads for your business. Simply having large number of Facebook friends is not enough, rapport has to be there for people to pay attention to what you are saying on your wall

Learning + Consistency = $$$

Most people fail because of lack of consistency so they dabble around bunch of different methods and never see results