If only there was a way to create a PowerPoint presentation that was fun, interactive, and attractive. Is having an easy presentation tool (for your boss’s last minute PowerPoint orders) simply too much to ask?

Emaze looks to replace PowerPoint and Prezi as the premier presentation platform for small/midsize businesses and private users

Like a genie,  There is a solution: try emaze for your next presentation.

This short presentation barely scratches the surface of emaze’s capabilities. The first thing you’ll notice is… IT MOVES! Founded in 2012, this relatively new startup is like Prezi and PowerPoint had a baby with pretty fillers and 3D effects. Despite the amount of content, graphics, and icons available, the interface of the presentation is still clean and easy to read. Additionally, emaze lets you create presentations on an HTML5 platform, not Flash. In other words, you don’t need to install plugins or wait for your online presentation to load.

Are you sold yet? Let me show you how it works, grasshopper.

Create an Account/Login

Signing up is easy, just provide an email and password.


You’ll be Prompted to Select a Pricing Plan.

You can use emaze for free, forever. But, if you fall in love with it, you can easily upgrade your account at anytime for only $9.90 per month. That’s probably less than the cost of your lunch.

Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

When you opt for the free membership, you’ll only be missing out on a few collaboration, private sharing and storage options. For example, if you have multiple presentation-making ninjas in your office, each can have their own account. If you frequently need other users to edit your presentation (because typos can be sneaky), you will need to upgrade to the Pro or Emazing package to be able to collaborate.

Select A Template Category

Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

I highlighted the categories list to bring your attention to the wealth of industry-based templates that may make you feel like it’s early Christmas…if Christmas was an awesome, easy-to-make presentation. If you want to create a custom presentation from scratch, you will have to get a premium membership. However, each template is pretty customizable.

For this tutorial, I chose the Hi-Tech template:

 Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

There are usually several themes per template, and these themes will coordinate colors, transition animations, slide formats, and fonts. I picked Hi-Tech Red.

Venture into the Editor

Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

This is your editor. You can already see that it is fairly straight forward. Even if you don’t have time to do a deep dive and learn all the bells and whistles, don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes to figure out the toolbar up top. The editor layout has:

  • A slide and section navigator to the far left
  • Tools to add or change Text, Images, Media, Shapes, and Charts in the middle area
  • Standard controls, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo, and Redo, on the right
  • Save and Play options on the top right corner. emaze, however, is awesome, and automatically saves your work every few seconds.

Add New Slides

 Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

Scroll through the slide format options for something that fits your next slide idea, or start with a blank one.

Customize Your Slide with Titles, Text, and Pictures

 Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

You can add a title and a blurb of text with the Text Tool. This screenshot shows you how to import images from your computer or the web with the Image Tool, but I discovered you can get your images onto slides just as easily by copying and pasting. You’re welcome.

Embed Media w/o Killing Your Presentation

Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

You know the drill: when you pop a Youtube or Vimeo video into most presentations, it makes the file so large that it takes an ETERNITY to load. Meanwhile, your audience has decided that the grains on the meeting table are more interesting than you. But make no mistake: emaze presentations, on the other hand, seamlessly embed media (like videos), while adding no additional load time.

Show ‘Em the Numbers…in Style!

 Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

The Chart Tool gives you the option to import your spreadsheets or manually type in the dataset. In this screenshot, I decided to type in data manually for a standard pie chart. Fortunately, our colors were picked for us thanks to the template theme.

Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

Add Shapes Because They’re Fun

 Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas

Shapes, like images, can be re-sized, re-colored, and positioned to your heart’s content. You can use them to add easy-to-see links to social media. If you have an extremely attention-deficit crowd, you can add effects with the Fx button in the Shapes Toolbar (without adding extra load time to your presentation).

Play it, Share it, Prepare to EMAZE!

Emaze Presentation - OfficeNInjas 

Once you’ve edited your content and given your slides a final lookover, it’s time to press the magic button: PLAY.

At this point, you’re allowed a judgement-free moment to tastefully cry out, “IT’S ALIIIIVE!” When you’re finished, click the Share button in the toolbar for a full pop-up menu of sharing options.

Emaze caters to a more basic user base, mainly those who currently use PowerPoint and want better results and more visualization. One of the biggest benefits of Emaze is its ease of use. A user can easily build sophisticated presentations with little effort. The company’s vision was to free up users from having to spend time studying and preparing the presentation tool, so that they can better spend their time concentrating on the actual content of the presentation, letting the system take care of the design and effects.

You’re responsible for the content, Emaze takes care of the rest

Emaze allows users to choose from a variety of templates with built in HTML5 technology, ranging from PowerPoint style presentations, to 3-dimensional patterns, made possible by the advanced graphical capabilities of the system. After registering online to the beta version of their site, users can select a desired master template to create their presentation, which as of this writing, consists of five possible patterns; two 3-dimensional and three 2-dimensional frameworks. Nissani says that the company will produce approximately 10 new master templates each month. Templates will be free, allowing users and designers to treat them as a base from which to expand upon and create their own independent templates, which can then be turned around and sold through Emaze.

Presentations of the site editor are contextual, meaning Editor buttons are displayed relevant to the actions that the user is able to execute at that moment. Currently, there’s no flexibility in choosing colors or elements. Nissani claims the lack of options helps direct the user to create the perfect presentation for their needs, requiring less overall work and effort. After saving a presentation, in the cloud, users can view it online or download it as an HTML file to display locally. Additionally, users can share their presentation and include it as an <iframe> tag in Web pages.

The main drawback, at least for now, appears to be the fact that Emaze presentations will not work smoothly on older computers with low computing power, but the company is quick to add that an optimization process will soon allow three-dimensional presentations to run well, even on less elaborate computers systems.

Currently in free beta, soon Freemium

Emaze is running its beta version at the present, so all features are included. Once Emaze passes their beta stage, the company will switch to a Freemium model in which users will have the option to create up to 10 presentations free, with the company logo imprinted on the presentation, and the presentation will be available to the general public. For two dollars a month, users can make private presentations for a select audience, use their own logo and access the Emaze support team, for a maximum of up to 10 presentations. For five dollars a month, users can build as many presentations as they like, without any restrictions.

Emaze was founded by Moti Nisan, Shai Schwartz and Dr. Arie Livshin. The company has raised 3 million NIS in investment from the incubator known as TheTime. Their stated goal is to reach 30 million active users in two years and bring in approximately $50M a year in revenue. Their target market is mainly private users and small to medium sized enterprises.

Video: Introducing Emaze

Additional Tips to Get the Most Out of EMAZE

  • You can upload a PowerPoint and convert it into a emaze presentation (it’ll preserve that content that took your boss ages to approve).
  • You can separate your presentation into sections with the button beside the +Slidebutton. This is handy for folks who are preparing for multiple speakers, but want to keep the content consolidated into a single file.
  • Don’t forget that you can embed pretty much ANYTHING!
  • To move elements, like text or images around the slide, you won’t see an arrow crosshair to indicate movement. You’ll see the pointer finger:emaze bonus


Still reading? Go create! After building your own emaze presentation, let us know in the comments what you thought.