There are so many ways to generate LEGIT income online, you just have to focus long enough to see it through.

First find something you’re PASSIONATE abt. Mine are ” traffic generation, mindset stuff & teaching”.

Second: find someone to mentor you or somebody you can model after. Honestly.. This is the part where you stop being cheap and pay someone to teach you what they know. Either that or spend 3/4 years using strategies that don’t work anymore. Your money is better off spent LEARNING how to market than investing into the “latest” mlm hype. Just keep what you have and work on YOU. Work on your expanding your skill set & network. Trust me 👌

Third: Put your head down and PRODUCE. Granted you’re actually learning solid information that is proven to work for others, all You have to do is apply it. Grow your mindset and grow your business.

If Looking left and right at other people and shiny things usually gets your ass in trouble. Sit tight for 60 days, COMMIT to ONE THING.