There is a HUGE, and very distinct, difference between love and attention.

Unfortunately, many of us have never separated the two. As a result, we believe that receiving attention is the equivalent of receiving love. My intention, and my hope, is that by the time you finish reading this, you will be released from the bondage of “needing attention.”Everyone needs love, but attention is NOT love. In fact, if we look closely, then we can easily see how difficult it is for us, when we need attention, to actually love someone else, let alone ourselves.

need for love

The need for attention is like a parasite that literally drains all the positivity, confidence building thoughts, positive energy and self esteem, out of us, and tells us we are not good enough unless someone else both sees and acknowledges us. Here is where the danger is, the other person’s assessment of us is what we think we need, so we believe, and hold on to it.

After all, it’s attention, and we need attention. However, since there are a lot of people who are hurting, then the attention they give us is intended to keep us broken. NO! Love and attention are not the same thing.


There is a HUGE, and very distinct, difference between love and attention.


You are good enough just as you are. Maybe your thinking needs to change, but YOU don’t have to be anyone other than who you are. And so right now, take this time to celebrate YOU. Love YOU.

Take YOU out on a date.

Find out what YOU like, and stop cheating on YOU with people’s attention.

And now, since you and YOU are good, love your friends, spouse, significant other, family, neighbour, stranger at Wal-Mart, without worrying whether you are good enough.

Today is Freedom Friday, so be free. Blessings.

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