“The more powerful your brand, the more opportunities come your way.”

1. RESPECT This is the BIGGEST factor in your personal brand. Respect is EARNED… Respect is like trust, they both take a very long time to build and only a few seconds to destroy.

2. EXPAND OR HIDE You want your image/personal brand to show in as many places as possible. Your personal brand isn’t strong if you’re popular on one network. It’s about leverage. The online community is HUGE and you need to literally be EVERYWHERE.

3. LAW OF CONSISTENCY Take action once, you’ll see results once. Take action twice, you’ll see results twice. But if you take action for a lifetime, you’ll see results for a lifetime.

4. PACKAGING IS IMPORTANT How do you want to be seen online and offline? Too many people’s online persona NEVER reflect their offline persona… Make sure your packaging is universal and you are walking your talk. How you package yourself could be the difference between a $4,000.00 deal and a $4,000,000.00 deal